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February 24, 2022
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British betting industry for equestrian events in shocking due to news about the volume of deductions that are expected from operators. Amount b £17 million with a significant drop in profit seems.

Betting Industry on the Great Britain: System Problems

In 2018, the racks industry on the jumps stated income in the amount of £95 million, despite the introduction of 10% of the interactive rate tax. It was planned that in the current year the income will be £89 million, however, the last few months of the fiscal year were issued not tooo successful for bookmakers. Thus, according to the latest forecasts, the industry has generated only £78 million. If the preliminary data is true, the deficit will be £5 million.

Horserace betting levy board (hblb) has already agreed on budget expenitures that will now need to adjust the missing amount.

Since most of the obtained hblb deductions redistiruts to prize, the abbreviation will be most tangible in this segment. Members of the organization are trying to minimize the consequences.

However, hblb representatives add that globally, the problem is not in popularity of racing as a product for rates, but in the industry. Theraefore, representatives of the organization believe that system problems should be decided together, with the support of bookmakers and the government.

Recall that the reduction in the size of the prizes for the industry has already been announced. The changes were justified in connection with the reduction of the maximum bet on the terminals for rates with fixed coefficients.

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