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March 10, 2022
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Betway extended an agreement with BLAST PREMIER for another year

Blast premier ceersport tournament organizer agreed to extend the partnership with the host online bookmaker betway. The transaction ensures that betway will retain the presence of a world-class tournament on counter-strike blast premier in 2021 for the third year in a row.

The agreement is based on a successful partnership of betway and blast, in which both brands worked together over the past two years to participate in the mass event for cs: go blast rising and june tournament bounty hunt for dota 2.

As a senior sponsor, betway will actively participate in all seven blast premier tournaments by cs: go in 2021, including more features for brand content at the end of 2020 and a number of special offers.

Partnership was fruitful thanks to the content cooperation, in which professional players take part in various subject-strike thematic tests, including in recent fall games, betway breakout map and betway blackout challenge.

Leo mattle, vice president for commerce blast, said:

"Betway with us since the beginning of 2019, the extension of this transaction on the third year talks about the close relations that we have installed, and both brands are tuned to build a long-term, innovative and effective partnership, which has already provided fans a lot of fantastic content this year.

Blast recently announced ambitious plans for 2021, and betway – most of them. We look forward to the opportunity and on to send betway to the very heart of our constantly growing and interested counter-strike audience.

Adam savinson, head of the celebration department in betway, said:

"Over the past two years, we have built incredibly successful working relationships with blast. Blast premier has become a bright event in the cyber calendar of this year, and in the future he is not going to slow down. Our joint approach to work with blast allowed us to activate one of the best projects, and we look forward to the continuation of our success in 2021.

Blast premier recently confirmed plans for the next year, which will be opened for all cs: go teams from around the world, which will make it the most inclusive and competitive series of events on the stage – with a series of tournaments throughout the year, from february to december.

Blast premier 2021 will combine all major tournaments, opening opportunities for all regions, the world championship counter-strike grows the year. Up to 32 teams will take part in the seven blast premier tournaments in 2021, while 80 teams will take part in qualifying competitions, which means that in the season of 2021 during the calendar year, up to 286 matches with a common prize pool at $ 24,75,000 of us dollars.

Source: blast premier official website

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