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February 16, 2022
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Betway entered the Noga Association

The netherlands association of online gambling ("noga") took the betway group in its ranks as his new member. In the last months of the year, before the netherlands online gambling market will open, noga replenishes its ranks with new participants. It is important that the industry will unite and worked together for the successful opening of the market and the maximum attraction of consumers to the legalized proposal.

Peter-paul de say, managing director noga, commented:

"We are glad to welcome betway among us. Betway – one of the world’s leading suppliers of first-class entertainment, such as sports betting, casino rates and cybersport. We look forward to the experience that betway will bring to our association. We also see in this a clear sign that more and more operators see the advantage of joining noga on the eve of the opening of the online market in the netherlands. Now that betway joined us, we will continue to promote safe, responsible and attractive offers online gembling in the netherlands ».

Roger parks, director of compliance and regulatory issues in betway, said:

"We are pleased to join noga and hope to share our experience with colleagues in noga. Betway seeks to provide safe and exciting leisure for our customers, and we are confident that noga will support the industry and will lead to the successful development of the regulated dutch market. ".

Source: official site noga

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