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September 14, 2022
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Board at rates and gambling (bgc) urged the british government to accept the "scientifically informed approach" and allow casino and bookmakers to work safely again when the last national blocking covid-19 will end.

Standardization authority, which represents the regulated industry and games, said that there is no evidence that the institutions contributed to the spread of the virus.

He called on to put an end to the "arbitrary and unnecessary decisions", which led to the fact that the bookmakers were combined with institutions that are in the risk zones of 3 in england, despite the fact that the government officially classified them as " secondary retairers.

Casino in england was also ordered to close its doors at 22:00, despite their excellent correction measures to combat coronavirus, which high-ranking public health officials described as the best in the hospitality and leisure sector.

Meanwhile, level 3 institutions were ordered to completely close, despite the fact that the pubs were allowed to remain open, provided than serve a full-fledged food.

Casino and bookmakers worked safely, making vital tax revenues to the treasury and in the case of the bookmakers, millions of pounds on racing in the form of fees and payments for media rights.

But after the announcement of boris johnson, all casinos and bookmakers in england will be forced to close at least until december 2.

Bgc executive director michael dueru steated that he welcomed the extension of the vacation period, which was announced by chancellor rishi sunak. But it is vital that after removing the last casino prohibition and bookmakers can open from the first day so that thely of the on government subsidies.

The call of bgc follows the growing parliamentary pressure from the government in order to greater transparency against the background of concerns that the ministers do not follow the science.

The leading deputies contributed requests to parliament, demanding from the government to publish the recommendations of the ministry of health of england, as well as any data available to the decision-making process.

Mr. Dougur said: "for our industry, there is nothing more employes and customers, so we want to contribute to the national efforts to combat this virus. We we welcome the supporis of enterprises forced to close due to the second blocking. It it also important that when the last quarantine will end, the bookmakers will be alloded to be safely discovering along with another secondary retail, as it was in june. Casinos in which the best measures to combat covid in the field of hospitality and entertainment shold also be opened at the same time. It is also necessary to recognize the government it the healthy betting industry is vital to the financial of sports, and that the bookmaker offices, in particular, are critical to financing ramps ».

Source: official site betting and gaming council (btg)

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