Bi Jay Penn In The Center Of The Scandal: Clear To Whom Mcgregor Is Equal

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April 1, 2022
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Bi jay penn, the ex-champion of ufc in two weight categories, frankly, is experiencing not the best times, but his career does not finish. But after the published video tmz sports everything can change.

Bi Jay Penn in The Center of the Scandal: Clear to whom McGregor Is Equal

Not all mma fighters – examples for imitation, like family mans dustin pore, daniel kormye or georges saint-pierre. These are mainly guys who are easily suitable for the term bad guy: get involved in fights, have problems with the law, love to humiliate rivals and other. Such a glory has one of the legendary participants of the ufc, the champion in two weight categories b. Jay penn. Hawaii’s native, was one of the brightest representatives of the organization from the moment of its origin and still goes to octave, despite the fact that he is alady 40 years old.

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Another thing is that all your last seven fights over the past eight years he lost. Bi jay – for a long time, no one who was. But at the beginning of zero it was an athlete who was the first to become the world champion in jiu-jitsu, not being a brazilian. At one time, he also became the second in the history of the organization, who managed to unite two championship belts in different weight categories. For their merits, the baby jay was honored to hit the hall of fame ufc.

That’s just for the victories, a real gangster was hidden, which with age losing sight of the all permissible frames of morality. His wife admitted that bi jay is far from the title of a good family man. According to him, he was an avid addict and tyrant, applied violence against her, could smell cocaine with friends while she was with children in the next room. As a result, she achieved a police ban in relation to penna.

Drunk fights for hawaiians are also not uncommon. One of them happened quite recently. At least the edition of tmz sports has published video recordings only yesterday. One of them, the ex-champion fals into a natural knocot after two blows from the opponent.

And the next already bi jay shows his abuser from the first record, what is a graced end-paundy in the execution of an ex-champion, while he does not pull out several people.

If you still continue to be surprised at the coniring of the mcgregor’s coneor, now you know: irishman took an example with the live legend of ufc. When scuffle occurred and a fighter is siged by the police or organization – not yet known. But objectively in octave the pennament there is nothing to do, for almost 10 years as. Perhaps this fight on the street will be the last.

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