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August 16, 2022
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At the end of november, the swedish city of estersund started a long and difficult biathlon world cup 2021/2022. Winter sport fans will be seen ten stages and winter olympiad-2022, which will be held in beijing. Owners «big crystal globes» they will be determined on march 20 on the last day of the competition in holmecolen. Already known expections of the entire season 2021/2022. Bc lines, long-term forecasts for the world cup of biathlon 2021/2022 – in detail in the material. Do not miss other relevant sports news.

Biathlon World Cup 2021/2022: Schedule, Forecasts, Season Favorites
Content: 1. Biathlon world cup schedule 2021/20222. Forecast for the winner of the overall standing in men3. Forecast for the winner of the general credit in women4. Forecast for couples

The tournament will consist of such types of races: sprint, pursuit race, individual race, relay and mass start. It shold be emphasized that between the world cup in biathlon will be a break for the winter olympics in break for the winter olympics in beijing, which will replace the world cup in biathlon next year.

I wonder: in 10 races of the world cup in sweden, russian biathletes took only one bronze.

From official sources it became known that the third stage of the world cup in biathlon in hochfilzen will be held without viewers. This decision was made in connection with the tightening of quarantine restictions in austria. Stage in hochfilzen are going to spend on december 10-12. The stage includes women’s and men’s sprints, pursuit races, as well as group relay.

Biathlon world cup schedule 2021/2022

1st stage – ostersund (sweden), november 26-28

  • November 27 – individual race, women
  • November 27 – individual race, men
  • November 28 – sprint, women
  • November 28 – sprint, men

2nd stage – ostersund (sweden), november 29 – 5th of december

  • December 2nd – sprint, women
  • December 2nd – sprint, men
  • Deceptber 4th – pursuit race, women
  • Deceptber 4th – relay, men
  • 5th of december – relay, women
  • 5th of december – pursuit race, men

3rd stage – hochfilzen (austria), december 6-12

  • December 10th – sprint, men
  • December 10th – sprint, women
  • Deceptber 11th – pursuit race, men
  • Deceptber 11th – relay, women
  • 12 december – relay, men
  • 12 december – pursuit race, women

4th stage – annecy (france), december 13-19

  • Deceptber 16th – sprint, women
  • Deceptber 17th – sprint, men
  • Deceptber 18 – pursuit race, women
  • Deceptber 18 – pursuit race, men
  • December 19th – mass start, women
  • December 19th – mass start, men

5th stage – oberhof (germany), january 3-9

  • January 6 – sprint, men
  • January 7 – sprint, women
  • January 8 – mixed relay
  • January 8 – single mix
  • January 9 – pursuit race, men
  • January 9 – pursuit race, women

6th stage – rupleolding (germany), january 10-16

  • January 12 – sprint, women
  • 13th of january – sprint, men
  • January 14 – relay, women
  • January 15 – relay, men
  • January 16 – pursuit race, women
  • January 16 – pursuit race, men

7th stage – antholz (italy), january 17-23

  • January 20th – individual race, men
  • January 21 – individual race, women
  • January 22 – mass start, men
  • January 22 – relay, women
  • January 23 – relay, men
  • January 23 – mass start, women

Break on the winter olympic games in beijing 4-20 february

8th stage – conti colohti (finland), february 28 – march, 6

  • March, 3rd – relay, women
  • March 4 – relay, men
  • 5th of march – sprint, women
  • 5th of march – sprint, men
  • March, 6 – pursuit race, women
  • March, 6 – pursuit race, men

9th stage – odea (estonia), march 7-13

  • 10th of march – sprint, men
  • March 11th – sprint, women
  • March 12 – pursuit race, men
  • March 12 – pursuit race, women
  • March 13 – mixed relay
  • March 13 – single mix

10th stage – holmolylane (norway), march 14-20

  • March 17 – sprint, women
  • March 18 – sprint, men
  • March 19 – pursuit race, women
  • March 19 – pursuit race, men
  • 20th of march – mass start, women
  • 20th of march – mass start, men

Forecast for the winner of the overall standing in men


Many experts of betting believe that the only favorite of the competition is johannes be, since the 28-year-old norwegian took three «large crystal globus» contract. But don’t forget that in the season 2020/2021, the biathlonist met a worthy opponent in the face of sturla hill leveld, who johannes almost gave the victory.

According to sports analysts, this time johannes will bet on the winter olympic games 2022, and not on the final test at the end of the biathlon year. Theraefore, attention should be paid to leveld, which in the first season at a high level fought for the majil trophy.

Also among the implicit favorites of the world cup 2020/2021 maja cantna, sebastian samuelson, as well as johannes dalo and emilene jacqueline. Russian athletes have the least chance to compete for bhz. And the leader of the national team alexander loganov did not spend a lot of last season and apparently, is at the stage of completion of the career.

Bk«1 schedule» it offers such coeficients on the favorite bhg in men:

  • Victory johannes boe – 1,45
  • Winning sturla hill level – 4,60
  • Victory kantna fiyon maya – nine.Twenty
  • Tarrya boe’s victory – twenty
  • Sebastian samuelson’s victory – twenty
  • Victory johannes dale – twenty
  • Victory emilene jacina – 22

Forecast for the winner of the overall standing in women

In the personal medal standings of the 2019/2020 season, tyrill ekkoff took the second line, and in 2021 he took his first «big crystal globe». Despite the small shooting accuracy, fast norwegian compensated all the shortcomings due to high speed ​​on the ski. The athlete was leading in the season with a huge margin from the compatriot marta olsby-roycelane. Another favorite of the biathlon season 2021/2022 experts call austrian lisa teresa hauser. A 27-year-old athlete from tyrol adequately held the middle of last season and the first time for his entire career got into the top 10 strong world cup (located in the sixth place).


There are no russian representatives in the list of favorites. Decept results demonstrate athletes from the republic of belarus, namely – dinara alimbekova and anna sola. Girls are high speed ​​on the ski, but show unstable results on firing lap. However, this did not prevent dinar to break out in the top 7 according to the results of the season 2020/2021.

In bk «betsyty» we predict that biathletes from norway will compete for bhg:

  • Victory tyril ekkoff – 2.35
  • Victory march olsbu-roycelane – 4.00
  • Victory hanna eberg – 7.00
  • Victory dorothea virger – nine.00
  • Ellvira eberg victory – 15
  • Victory lisa teresa hauser – twenty

Unlike the previous season, the bookmakers allocate one ponounced favorite – ekchoft. But even its position is not durable enough, since tyrill have never been an exact shooter. There is a chance that the worker can successfully shoot, which explicitly progresses in the past few years.

Also, high analytics predictions give representatives of belarus, among which dinara alimbekova, which showed this high speed ​​in the previous season, which even exceeded the results of the best domracheva times. Dinar beats denise herrman in speed, and about the inaccurate shooting of the chief is already known. At the distance of the season she has little chance against the constantly progressive alimbek.

As an additional rate, experts recommend checking hanna eberg. Swedie is a stability reference, combining excellent shooting and quick move. Eberg can accurately compete with two norwegians.

Forecast for couples

Some bookmakers apparently overestimate the possibilities of johannes be and russian alexander loginova. It employs a rule when the biathlon is played by the name, and after the athlete does not make young people, new and more promising rivals appear. In the case of be – this is a legider, and in the case of a logic – latypov, which, according to the results of the second stage, closes in the world cup top-5. Eduard and last season often went by loginov, taking yourself to the title of the leader of the russian national team and the last stage of the relay.

Recall that what kind of sport is better to put.

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