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February 11, 2022
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Yesterday, within the framework of the central match of the family football championship, the leager of the tournament table – psg sensational was crushed «lill» with a score of 5: 1. This defeat became a record since of the purchase of a team of sheikh from qatar.

Billionaic Investments Have Not Saved PSG From Record Lesion (Video)
Content: 1. Despised monopolists2. Rich also crying3. Psg – «dutty bubble» and in the league 1?

Source photo: sport.Sky.De

Despised monopolists

If you have a survey among ordinary fans around the world and make a list of the most unloved teams, then with a large probability of the paris club will take a leading place. And the main reason will not be the game characteristics of the team. On the contrary, psg often show a bright and attacking game, and with of head coach, she also gained tactical gloss. No, the team owners possess.

In 2011, qatar sports investments bought 70% of the club’s shares and began building a supergogen. During this time, psg became a real hegemon of the inner championship and a monopolist on trophies: six victories in the league 1, six – in the france super cup, four – in the france cup and five – in the french league cup. With the arrival of big money fc headed the famous coaches in the face of carlo anchelotti, laurent blanova and unai emery, and the purchase of superstars every season literally became a tradition.

The last drop can be considered the transition of neymar bypassing the financial «fair play» for record €222 million, you can read more about about this in our special material.

Rich too cry

Rich Too Cry

Source photo: ftbl.Ru

But neither buying superstars in the face of neymar, buffon and mbappe, nor the change of coaches, nor hegemony in the domestic championship do the owners happy. After all, everyone understands that the real legitimization of psg as a european football grand will occur after the victory in the champions league and it does not happen.

Moreover, for all the time of the management of qatari sponsors, the team did not reach the final. Haters parisians who believe in the world, pleased, but how to explain to buffon, which for the same reason (the absence of victory in lch) a little earlier left «juventus»?

In this season «red-blue» once again could not pass the threshold of 1/8 and sensationally flew in the response meeting with «manchester united». In detail the match we disassemble here.

Psg – «dutty bubble» and in the league 1?

Yesterday, the team of thomas tuchiel created a new sensation – lost to running in second place «lille» with a crushing score 5: 1. This defeat has become twice record. First, it is the largest in league 1 from the distant 2000 and secondly, – the biggest since the arrival of qataris money to the club. It turns out that psg – by itself «soap bubble», if, despite all finance, it does not leave the stone on the stone «lille»? Do not hurry with conclusions and take the desired for valid.

The first after cutting into his gate with his own defender alady at the seventh minute, but almost immediately behind this failure was fixed with bright actions of mbappe and was completed by juan bernat – eleven.

Pic.Twitter.Com / luv6fr9ezl

— drafts 2.0 (@ drafts_2)
april 15, 2019.

Parity is restored, the game returned under the control of parisians, but on the 36th minute there was a fateful moment – red bernata card. Some teams finished the first half, but the second led to the account that we see in the total.

After the match, mbapp said that the players acted not enough aggressively and that the did not have enough character, but this is not quite so. Despite the removal of one of their key players, the match ended with a possession of possession on the side of the psg. Also, the metropolitan team caused only one blow to the target less than the owners of the field. In general, it can be stated that at a certain point the team psychologically fell, but at the same time tried to attack. This has become a destructive solution for her, since «lille» easily enjoyed educated gaps in the lines and implemented most.

Full-time (1-5)

attention turns to the next challenge on wednesday after a tough defeat on the road.#loscpsg pic.Twitter.Com / gepybvvneu

— paris saint-germain (@psg_english)
april 14, 2019.

Of course, this defeat does not mean that psg – «dutty bubble» in the domestic championship. Now the club takes a confident first place, 17 points ahead of «lille», and with 100% confidence will take another championship. On the contrary, such lesions confirm «humanity» fc and allow them to descend to some players from olympus of their own greatness. Not only victory, in the absence of which the frhench grand is so often reproaches, a character, but also defeats.

Earlier we told that neymar did not cope with his emotions during the departure of his team from lch.

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