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June 28, 2022
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Successful players employed history. Millionnaya prizes can trigger a person and elevate it over all. If one after jackpot calmly goes to relax and enjoy wealth, others continue to put and build capital. Our hero – billy walers – refers to second type. Even in retirement he continues to play in large.

Namebillie walters
date of birth july 15, 1946
place of birth manfordville, kentucky, usa
citizenship usa


Walters was born in the poor family. Father worked as an auto mechanic and died when the child was only 18 months old. Mother suffered from alcoholism, and soon after the death of her husband threw her son with his sisters – he began to look after her grandmother. Family lived in a house without water supply.

From the young age, walters was vaccinated. The boy admired a grandmother, which for the sake of providing seven children went into two works. She was engaged in housekeeping and soap dishes in esstablishments. At seven years, the young man has already trid to help the family. Walters took a loan for $ 40 to buy a huffy grass mower. In the surrounding area he tried a lawn for sevel cents. After 2 years, the young man took another loan of $ 90. He had investigated the money in the newspaper and began to resell them with a small markup. As a guarantor, both times made a grandmother.

The first bet walters concluded in 9 years. He set $ 75 on new york yankees in a match against brooklyn dodgers. Our hero lost, but continued to get involved in gambling entertainment.

Grandmother walters died when it was 13 years old, and the theng man had to return to the mother in louisville, kentucky. In a new place immediately settled on two works: i could be found in a bakery early in the morning, and in the evening at refueling. Mother he paid $ 10 a month per room in the basement. Even before graduating from high school, he got married, and a child appeared at the pair. The marriage lasted a long – spouse left walters because of his hobby.

"My grandmother was my whole life. She not only instilled confidence in me is that i am a businessman, she was my role model, "billy walters for automotive news in 2016

Wolf with fleet

In 20 years, walters is arranged to work at mcmackin auto sales and sells used cars. A young man is quickly mastered in an unfamiliar business and begins to invent new ways of promotion. First, the sale of the car sends the appropriate letter with advertising the closest neighbors of the buyer. Later he begins to consider announcements in the newspaper, making transactions with other consultants. "Wolf" even resorts to cold calls, dialing numbers from a regular phone book.

In 1966, walters sells on average 32 cars per monh, and for the year it earns $ 56 thousand – $ 400 thousand in our time.

In 1967, a successful specialist goes to work for competitors – steven’s brothers auto sales. In 1972, walters starts his own business – he is engaged in the wholesale sale of used cars for other fleets. For 10 years, billy is content with big income, while las vegas finally floods his heart and mind.

Rates and only bets

At school age, walters met azart. Whatever financial situation does not have a young man, he always found a couple of dollars at the rate. At that time, gambling forbidden in kentucky. Russed waters solved a problem with a radical way – created his own underground office. In 1982, his illegal business covered, fined the bookmaker at $ 1000 and sentenced to 6 monhs.

Due to problems with illegal bets, he decided to move to the staff in which gambling were the norm. It not surprising that the choice fell on las vegas. Here he found many like-minded peple and participated in the creation of a group of professional players.

According to rumors, the first year in a new place turned out unsuccessful. Walters turned out to be in minus $ 50,000. Because of the series of defeats, i also also lost housing, but instead pledged to pay debt for 18 months.

In 1983, he joins the computer group syndicate – the fist national players network. To analyze matches, the organization used a computer. Basically, the team put on american football and student basketball. Total bet reached $ 40 million per year.

A group of like-minded people not only was projected, but also manipulated. If one of the teams received an advantage of 3 points at the beginning of the game, waltsers often made some major bets on it. Quotes on the leader fell, and on the enemy, on the contrary, rose. When the coeficient reached 4, the group did a large bid to another team. If everything went according to plan, the payment covered costs.

However, the first record win walters received not in the betting on the sport and roulette. In 1986, he intended to come to caesars atlantic city casino with a capital of $ 2 million, but the manager refused to reserve chips to such a large amount. Then he went to atlantic club casino, which was previously often called golden nugget. Professional player noticed the wheel offset in the roulette – the numbers 7, 10, 20, 27 and 36 fell more often than.

For 38 hours, walters received $ 3.8 million, having folded the previous record of richard dzareki at $ 1.2 million.

This is not the only large payout that billy boasts. Among other achievements as a player, it is worth highlighting:

  • $ 175 thousand prizes for victory in the poker super cup in 1986.
  • Payout $ 2.2 for the bid on the student basketball team usc. This hapaned in 2007.
  • Winning $ 3.5 million from the bet on new orleans saints during the xliv super cup in 2009.

In a good year, billy walters earned up to $ 60 million.

Under the sight of the fbi

Bookmaker office reluctantly took money from professional players, so as not to pay too large sums, introduced limits. In the 80s on american football, the maximum rate was on average $ 20,000, and on student basketball – $ 10,000. To circumvent the restriction, the computer group hired "runners", which acted strictly by pointed. Some of them had negative statistics, because the coeffaticients and made obviously losing bets. Such people bookmakers could enhance the limit, which was also on the hand of syndicate.

Computer group activities attracted the attention of the fbi agents. They began to follow the actions of the group in the early 80s. In 1985, law enforcement agencies conducted searches from 45 members of the case against walters and other key figures. However, then the head of the opera operations, tomas noublu talked to close their eyes, because there were not enough facts for arrest.

In 1990, coming to the end. To extend the investigation, thomas nobleg poses suspected accusations. The investigation begins to prepare for the trial. However, in 1992, waltsers and his colleagues from the computer group, they remove the accompanies and illegal transfer of information about. In 1996, the fbi makes a cloud at sierra sports consulting, accusing billy and other founders in money laundering. In 2002, the judge again removes all the accusations, and our hero comes out clean out of the water.

Robin hood from las vegas

Like a famous robber from sherwood forest, walters robbed bookmakers and does not forget about those who need. In the 90s, he is actively engaged in charity with his wife susan. Pursuit of the fbi – the smallest of what happened to survive a professional player.

In the 80s, he had a son with a disappointing diagnosis – brain cancer. Spouses were in front of a difficult choice. It was possible to leave everything as it is, but then the child will soon die, or remove the tumor – the son will survive, but the brain will be damaged forever. Now scott waltser for more thinks like a boy.

Family mountain pushed billy to support charitable organization opportunity village. He not only says goodbye to millions of dollars, buther participants. Philanthropa invites star singer poppy davis to hold a closed concert for people with disability. In 2014, the head of opportunity village linda smith expressed his gratitude in the edition of the san diego union-tribune:

"Billy walters sems to be my personal hero. He had a huge impact on my organization.

In september 2020, opportunity village has to cancel the two largest events due to covid-19. Then billy translated $ 1 million to the organization’s account.

In 1997, the association of professionals for the collection of funds in las vegas assigned the walters family title of philanthropists of the year

American dream

From 2011 billie walters officially does not make sports betting. Instead, it focuses on walters group, which was founded back in 1988. Walters starts to invest in a network of car dealerships, real estate and golf courses. In such transactions, he also succeeds.

In 1996, walters won the tender for the construction of a golf course in las vegas. Royal links club earned when the demand for real estate began in the city. According to the terms of the tender, the construction of residential buildings was prohibited from the land owner. However, later walts paid $ 7.2 million to the city authorities to get rid of the previously established restriction.

Billy walers in the royal links golf club in 2006

The assets of the former professional player include:

  • 3 golf course in las vegas.
  • Sevel car dealers.
  • Private aircraft for $ 20 million.
  • House on the ocean in carlsbad for $ 10 million.
  • Four bedroom apartments in henderson, nevada.
  • House in santa fe for $ 8.5 million.

Former players do not happen

Althought actually walters moved away from affairs, he only changed a slightly activity. Billy preferred stakes in the stock market instead of bookmakers. From 2008 to 2014, he was engaged in insider trading with shares of dean foods. Closed information with walters shared one of the members of the board of directors – thomas davis. Thanks to this given, the trader earned about $ 40 million.

Walters put forward up to 10 fraud accuses for which he could get up to 20 years in prison. In 2017 he was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment with a fine of $ 10 million and the confibection of property of $ 25.35 million. He unsuccessfully filed appeals sevel times. January 20, 2021, given the merits of walters, his reputation and charitable activities, donald trump softened the sentence, allowing you to go under house arrest until january 20, 2022.

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