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January 28, 2022
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For a long period of time, the cryptocurrency market is in decline. Investors are waiting for coins to go to the green zone, track forecasts for bitcoin. However, according to experts, there are all the events to believe that in the near future the prospect of bitcoin will be positive.

Bitcoin AT The Start Of The Take-Off - Experts

Industry analysts have allocated several main prerequisites for the fact that there will be positive changes in the market.

First – the gradual transition of bitcoin in the phase of moderate growth. For example 20:38 moscow time the cost of the first cryptocurrency is $ 3977. Daily growth is 1.4%. According to experts, this is a good sign for all coins, given that in january cryptocurrency was $ 3400.

Meanwhile, not only bitcoin began to grow, but also other cryptocurrency. So, lightcoin, ether and xrp also tested a small rise. Positive dynamics can be a prerequisite for the rapid gradual recovery of the market as a whole.

The second reason – signs of collaboration of the stock market, namely: substantial vatility value, high interest rates from fed and others. It can provake the interest of people to the cryptosphere, since these two segments work each other in opposition.

Third reason – alternation of bull and bear trends on the market. If you contact the history of crypto industry, you can track how one direction of the speaker is replaced by another and vice versa. Experienced investors are are able to use both market state phases. In their opinion, the bear period provides the ability to purchase coins at a low price and wait for the lift, which is usually inevitable.

Earlier, the chairman of the state duma committee of anatoly aksakov reported when cryptocurid legislation was adopted in russia.

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