Bitcoin Collapsed Again. Next Mark – $ 1500

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January 30, 2023
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After the first significant fall on november 15, the price of bitcoin can not recover. Moreover, the cost of the first cryptocurrency collapsed by more than 10% over the past day. However, experts believe that this is not a finite decline point.

Bitcoin collapsed again. Next mark - $ 1500
Content: 1. Bitcoin price – new data2. Forecast for bitcoin (btc): expert opinion

Bitcoin price – new data

According to the coinmarketcap resource analytical data, the price of bitcoin as of december 7 09:21 moscow time is $ 3435.77. Daily fall – 10.52%. The price of the first cryptocurrency can now not fix the mark above $ 4000. Thus, one year is updated again.

Forecast for bitcoin (btc): expert opinion

However, experts believe that the price has not yet reached its bottom. So, the analyst bloomberg intelligence mike mcgloon believes that the fall in value can be 60%. The price, in his opinion, collapses to $ 1500. He explained that at the moment there are no factors that could prevent further decrease in the price of the first cryptocurrency.

According to the analyst, investors are actively getting rid of bitcoin. For this there are several reasons for this: hardfork bitcoin cash, which turned into a real war, as well as the sale associated with the payment of taxes. The expert claims that the crypton shock suffered a serious decline.

Moreover, he believes that hardfork clearly demonstrated the immaturity of technology to all market participants. However, on the other hand, there is an opportunity to weaken volatility and reducing speculation. Therefore, in the phenomenon, which is currently observed on the crypton, you can allocate certain advantages.

It is noteworthy that at the beginning of this year mcgloon predicted the fall of bitcoin by 90%. The expert explained that the studies that he spend for a long time show that bear trend would still take the top. However, representatives of cryptoinductrust will continue to clone the first cryptocurrency and create new altcoins.

Previously, it became known that together with the fall of the price decreases and the complexity of mineland bitcoin. This indicator dropped by 15%.

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