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April 19, 2022
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Yesterday, november 7, there was a rapid drop in the price of the main cryptocurrency – bitcoin. It provoked the collapse of other electronic currencies. The market was in dangerous proximity to the bottom.

Bitcoin Fall: News and Causes

The average cost of bitcoin decreased by 1.2% and amounted to $ 9222. Coinmarketcap exchange data indicate that the main token dragged the other electronic currencies, they fell by 1.5-2.9%. Negative trend felt the most liquid cryptocurrencies.

Causes of the fall of the bitcoin course are unknown

So, ethereum lost 1.7% in price, and now cost $ 188.9. Ripple cost decreased by 1.5% and equal to $ 0.29. Bitcoin sash fell by 2.8% ($ 294.1), and eos costs $ 3.5 while reducing the price by 2.9%.

The fall affected the capitalization of electronic currencies. Bitcoin reached a level of $ 167.5 billion, ethereum – $ 20.4 billion, ripple – $ 12.8 billion, bitcoin sash – $ 5.3 billion and eos – $ 3.9 billion.

However, the venture investor tim drope in communication with obozrevatel, despite the fall of the bitcoin course today, predicts a further increase in the cost of an electronic currency to $ 250 thousand. The expert also believes that bitcoin should grow by 1983% by 2023.

Recall that the cost of chinese electronic currencies have favorably influenced the statements of the president of the prc on the importance of the introduction of modern innovative technologies.

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