Bitcoin Fell: Psychological Level Of $ 9 Thousand. Overcome

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April 19, 2022
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A negative trend that began with a decrease in the cost of bitcoin, spread to other liquid cryptocurrency. Analyzed market specialists forex club.

Bitcoin fell: the psychological level is $ 9 thousand overcome

On monday, the bitcoin rate fell by 0.12%, the price was $ 8860, and capitalization – $ 158.7 billion. The wave rushed to ethereum, the cost of which decreased by 0.64% and was recorded at $ 187.3. Capitalization, according to experts, expressed $ 20.4 billion.

The following went down on the downlink financial indicators xrp. Pricing is stated in the amount of 1.79%, to $ 0,2747. Capitalization of the electronic currency expressed $ 12 billion. Did not bypass the tendency and litecoin. Its price has decreased by 2.25% and amounted to $ 62, with capitalization of $ 3.9 billion. Why bitcoin fell – specialists do not specify.

According to preliminary data, the total capitalization of the market amounted to $ 242.8 billion.

Analysts believe that in the framework of the correction in the near future, cryptocurrencies still fall in price. So, bitcoin is prophesy to fall up to $ 8700, the price of ethereum can reach $ 185, litecoin – $ 60, and xrp – $ 0.27.

Recall, according to vitalik biderina, the creation of ethereum – attempt to eliminate the problem of limited bitcoin functionality.

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