Bitcoin’S Rise In Price: Forecasts And Negative Factors

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April 20, 2022
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Vibrations of the cost of bitcoin in aggregate with an increase in the purchase of coins became the basis for versatile forecasts of experts. About what will contribute to the rise in price in bitcoin, and what, on the contrary, to impede, read in the material.

Bitcoin's Rise in Price: forecasts and negative factors

In the morning on friday, november 15, the course of the main cryptocurrency reached a mark of $ 8780, but the price of bitcoina again began to fall, reaching $ 8640. According to experts, another parameter is indicative – the daily trading volume demonstrates growth trend and last week amounted to $ 20 billion.

Bitcoin course today is $ 8455, however, despite the unstable situation, traders have both negative and positive predictions regarding the future growth of cryptocurrency prices.

The famous dyme trader believees that in the near future the cost of e-currency will increase. In their forecasts published on a personal page on twitter, a specialist is based on bitcoin’s graphics analysis. So, according to him, in the data point you can observe the pattern «bull divergence», which means the process describing the course and the increase in the courtois volume of cryptocurrency. Based on this the trader believees that the rise in price bitcoin will still happen.

Such an opinion was supported by planb analyst, however, paying attention to users for sevel other reasons for the growth of bitcoin. In his opinion, evidence of changing the price is a graph of the computing power of its network, based on which the increase in the volume of buying cryptocurrencies leads to the rise in price of bitcoin.

However, there are many less rosy projections regarding the process «bitcoin currency». Preston pysh – representative of the investment sphere – he stated that there was a decrease in the volume of hashraut in the bitcoin network. Similar precedent already had a place last year when his price fell to $ 3200.

Recall that youtube was used as a method for theft of cryptocurrency assets.

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