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January 31, 2023
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Investor mike novograpz believees that before zero marks, bitcoin will not collapse. This expert reported in the framework of interview by bloomberg.

Bitcoin Will Not Fall to Zero - Mike Novograp

Novograpan also noted: the fact that many other experts, bloggers and social network users laugh at its such active support, is not a reason for the emergence of doubt.

At the time december 13, 13:20, the cost of the first cryptocurrency, according to the coinmarketcap analytical resource, is $ 3428,15. Nevertheless, the margins are confident that the growth of the market is inevitable and will happen next year.

In his opinion, the development of the blockchain-industry cannot be instantaneous and falling inevitable. However, he pointed out that despite the fall of bitcoin, many american universities were in cryptocurrency. Among them – yale university.

We note, earlier the expert predicted bitcoin’s explosive growth, but currently there is a return dynamics.

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