Blizzard: Published Blizzcon 2019 Schedule

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April 14, 2022
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The developer has published the blizzcon 2019 schedule on the official online platform.

Blizzard: Published BLIZZCON 2019 Schedule

We draw the attention of users who loved heroes of the storm that the only broadcast on the game will take place on november 2.

Blizzcon 2019 schedule

It is known that the hour opening ceremony is scheduled for the first day of the next month. Start of event – 21:00. We also note that a few more broadcasts are harvested on mythic stage, which, presumably, will last 45 minutes.

Blizzard keeps silence with the subject of the events named above. According to experts, the latter can be devuted to games, whose releases have not yet taken place, or not at all announced games. Similar broadcasts will be held in half the eleventh and half of the twelfth november 1.

According to world of warcraft, a special session will be held on which fans will be able to ask their questions to developers. The event will also be the only one.

The final ceremony will be held early in the morning on november 3.

Free mobile application blizzcon 2019 can be downloaded today (october 22).

Recall that blizzard under pressure from the public stopped selling figurutics may from overwatch.

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