Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv 2021: Top Speakers, Panel Discussion And 50% Discount On Tickets

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July 14, 2022
3 minutes

Smile expo will hold the seventh blockchain & bitcoin conference kyiv. This event is about the main trends of the cryptocurrency industry, the possibilities of the earning in cryptosred and the collatial for the development of the ukrainian digital assets market. Venue of event – conference hall «oasis», kyiv.

Blockchain & amp; Bitcoin Conference Kyiv 2021: Top Speakers, Panel Discussion and 50% Discount On Tickets

The general exchange partner of the conference was the largest international online digital currency exchange service binance. This is the world’s famous stock exchange, where 1.4 million transactions are performed eve second. With its help, you can exercise trade using more than 740 different cryptocurrency and fate couples. Which cryptocurrency to invest, read the link.

On blockchain & bitcoin conference kyiv 2021 binance marketing manager in ukraine ivan paskar will present a report on the topic «cryptotrend 2021. Nft. Binance smart chain».

The sector event will unite recognized cryptoversion, representatives of the legislative authorities, specialists in the implementation of blockchain technology, as well as advanced companies in the industry.

Ambassador global blockchain business council ambassador to ukraine mark ginzburg, founder cryptolaw partners gordon einstein, head of products in kuna exchange sergey kalinin, vice president of marketing infopulse yang kyle, head of office digital decisions detaway sergey bondarenko and other experts.

Speakers will predict the cryptocurrency course forecasts and will talk about the use of stelumes for the development of digital business. They will figure out tools to ensure cybersecurity in cryptosred, will give recommendations on creating their own chellenger bank, consider the main rules of cryptotrading and raise other topical issues.

The conference will be panel discussion on the topic «running the virtual assets market in ukraine».

The discussion participants will be:

  • Alexander bornakov – deputy minister of digital transformation on it development. Founder and head of a number of successful companies and start-up incubators, including adtelligent, intersog, wannabiz and dr.
  • Natalia derric – executive director association «blockchain of ukraine», ceo blockchainhub academy.
  • Artem aphyan – lawyer, managing partner of the juscutum law association.
  • Konstantin yarmolenko – general director of the public union «virtual assets of ukraine», head of interpractive deputy association blockchain4ukraine.
  • Alexey zmershenetsky – people’s deputy of ukraine, chairman of the subcommittee on anti-corruption policy in the sphere of digital innovation and public data of the committee of the verkhovna rada on anti-corruption policy.
  • Egor chernev – people’s depeuty of ukraine. Deputy chairman of the committee of the verkhovna rada on digital transformation issues.

As part of the discussion, the experts will tell about the features and capabilities of the cryprotics of ukraine, as well as the prospects for its further development.

One-day promotion with a discount on blockchain tickets & bitcoin conference kyiv 2021: 50% discount valid on march 10 on tickets category «business»! 5000 uah – cost of full ticket and 2500 uah – ticket cost march 10.

Recall blockchain & bitcoin conference kyiv 2021 organizes the international smile-expo company, which since 2014 spends worldwide sectoral activities about the prospects for cryptocurrency and battery capabilities.

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