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March 11, 2022
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Associate professor ra i. G. In. Plekhanov, candidate of economic sciences oleg komolov expressed his opinion on the introduction of blockchain technology in various spheres of life of russians. In his opinion, neither the regulation of cryptocurrency, nor the use of innovative technologies will help the russian economy.

Blockchain will not help the Russian economy - expert

Associate professor noted: despite the fact that the concepts «blockchain» and «digital economy» associate with progress, in reality, their implementation will not have any impact on the real state of affairs in russia. According to the associate professor, today the government should begin with the simpler, so-called domestic transformations that would make the life of ordinary residents easier. The expert is convinced that when making certain decisions, the country’s government has insufficiently information. This leads to the fact that the transformations serve for the benefit of only one part of society, the so-called oligarchy, whereas simple citizens do not concern or even make them worse.

Recall: the government of abkhazia decided to legalize mining. Now mining cryptocurrencies can be engaged in citizens registered as a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, as well as having a relevant license.

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