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January 10, 2022
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Bmit technologies plc technological solution provider announced the purchase of a share in the ebo ltd, a technological company that uses ai to develop automation of prosesses-oriented processes.

These investments will allow bmit technologies to strengths of the artificial customers in the field of artificial intelligence and related services. It will also allow the company to participate in innovation and automation in the further diversify the business and the use of new market opportunities.

"Thanks to these investments, bmit technologies plans to continue to develope its business and expand the product portfolio. We are pleased to be part of the ebo success of our relations, as we strive to diversify our offers and go to new sectors and markets, "said christian summut, bmit technologies plc ceo.

Hege gatt, general director of ebo ltd, added:

"We are very pleased that leading provider of technologies, such as bmit technologies, has invested in ebo. This is proof that our mission on the use of ai for effective automation of human communication is correct for the needs of enterprises in the era, when the quality of customer service is a key difference.

Bmit technologies – a leading provider of it services, seeking to provide customers with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their business, while abstracting from the complexity of deployment, operation and management of complex it solutions. This is achieved by combining the best in its class infrastructure and a talented team of people who have experience working with various technologies to provide a portfolio of services.

Ebo – technological company specializing in the provision of artificial intelligence solutions in the health sectors, internet games and financial services. Ebo technology is provided by configurable virtual agent. It is designed in such a way that it cannot be distinguished from the human agent, while he is constantly learning.

This transaction is expected to speed ​​up ebo growth, and will also open new business directions and territories in which bmit technologies has a key interest. In parallel to this subsidiary ebo in united kingdom – ebo.Ai (uk) ltd. – will also strive to speed ​​up its growth due to additional measures for the development of the market in state (nhs) and the united kingdom’s private health sectors in which ebo is already present. On territory, ebo is an approved commercial supplier crown.

Source: bmit technologies official page

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