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March 28, 2022
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United kingdom rate and gambling authority (uk betting and gaming council) present an an animated video in which the safer indicators of the adjustable gambling industry are illuminated, as well as contles contirue to the economy and sports.

Campaign also warns against the "unforeseen consequences" of a government review of gambling, which will lead customers to an illegal online market. Analysis showed that in the 12-month period from 2018 to 2019, 200,000 clients in the uk were delivered about 1.4 billion pounds of sterling on unregulated operators.

In an animation roller, which lasts 3 minutes 40 seconds, it is said that the use of an adjustable sector is a "safer choice" than non-licensed foreign companies.

It says that

"The united kingdom is one of the safest places in the world to accommodate rates"

And that the adjustable industry seeks to go even further to protect customers.

In another episode, 8.7 billion pounds of sterling are emphasized, which the regulated industry contributes to the economy, 3.2 billion pounds of sterling, which it pays in the form of taxes and 100,000 jobs that it supports, as well as 350 million pounds sterling allocated on horse racing due to the sponsorship, the rights of the media and fees, as well as millions of sports, including football, darts, snooker and rugby.

The video was published on the bgc website, which also started on january 18, 2021, and shorter versions are posted in their twitter tape.

Michael duger, executive director of bgc, said:

"As an organ standardization authority, we warmly welcome gambling review. However, it is vital that their actions will not push players to an illegal online market, on which there is not one of those measures of protection that is in the regulated industry.

This animation video describes in detail the steps that we have taken – and continue to take – to ensure the safety of gambling, and also emphasizes a huge contribution that the regulated industry contributees to the economy and the most popular sports in the country. ".

Source: bgc official website

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