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April 7, 2022
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The popularity of bookmakers has increased significantly in the cis. Thanks to the demand in the gambling market and the possibility of attracting customers of different categories, betting-offices will always bring the income to their founders. This is proved by official expert research in the economic field and gradual legalization of gambling business in many countries. In any case, the basics of success remains the choice of reliable software, customer focus and study of lines that distinguish the bc from other competitors.

High revenues and the incessant flow of betters attract tax services and authorized bodies of states, which leads to the introduction of new bills. As european practice shows, the deductions from the bc significantly increase the federal budget and allow you to attract new investment opportunities in the sphere of sports of a certain country.

Innovations in legislation

Some cis countries cooperate with gambling companies working on the basis of an international or local regulator license. In connection with the coronavirus pandemic and changes in the global economy, the laws about the gambling business have undergone amendments in a number of states.


In 2020, kazakhstan was created in kazakhstan to track all remittances of players who bet. As experts assure, the organization regulates the work of bookmakers, tracking all incomes. This contributes to the decrease in ludaances, thanks to the establishment of a certain limit to better rates.

Changes to work tsus will be introduced in early 2021. In addition, the country is planned to introduce restrictions in the direction of bookmaker. Soon the bc will offer quotes of only sporting events, without inclusion of third-party topics. Follow the correct operation of the organization will be tsus. This solution led to mass protests by kazakh entrepreneurs, which subsequently turned into closing of all bcs from january 4, 2021, if the work of the center will not be established.


The opening of the new betting company is also accompanied by the design of a single gambling license. On april 22, 2020, the parliament of the republic approved amendments to the law "on licensing special activities", as part of an increase in the cost of registration of official permission to.

Bookmakers, lombards and lottery are separated from the general licensing list. To date, to get a license to open the bc, you need to pay for consideration for consideration – about 57 dollars. The resulting document establishes a three-year validity period.


The state duma of the russian federation adopted a bill that limits the activities of bookmakers. That is, the offices can take rates only on sporting events, and totators – on horse racing. Additionally, it is planned to combine two regulatory companies in one, whose duties will be focused not only for licenses, but also to collect tax deductions.

After the entry into force, the percentage of receptions of the bookmaker will increase. Instead of familiar taxes for sports bets, the founder must pay a part of income from all the perfect bets.


In uzbekistan, things are improved in relation to the bookmakers. In 2020, the parliament approved a bill on the legalization of betting in the republic. From january 2021, all current bookmakers fall under the regulation of the agency for the development of the market and capital. Received from bc revenues funds will be aimed at improving the sports sphere and football in uzbekistan.


Azerbaijani authorities began to strictly follow the work of betting companies and introduced new amendments to the current bill of gambling industry. Founders for the assumption of a minor player for betting a fine in large scale. If the bookmaker was seen in a number of violations, in accordance with the laws, it will deprive the license for further provision of services.


In accordance with the considered law on the ban on gambling activities in armenia, in november 2020, ground bookmakers ceased to work. Also, the national assembly of armenia on economic issues plans to develop a special package, limiting the functionality of online bid sites.


Bookmakers in belarus continues to flourish under the regulation of the ministry of taxes and clauses. So, for july 2020 more than 100 new bcs were opened. At the same time, the bodies are not demanding of the founders submitting an application for review of the license. Entrepreneurs develop international brands in the republic, organizing online platforms for local betters.


In kyrgyzstan, 5 years has a ban on bookmaker, but it does not prevent those who want to make rates and keep abreast of current events from the world of sports. Most ground companies have moved to online mode and offer their services on the basis of international licenses of gambling commissions. The revision of the draft law is not planned in the republic.

Success factor

Parking is a favorite gambling entertainment of many players. Rates for sports and lottery will always be successful in gembrellas, due to the variety of outcomes and availability for users of any level.

The main thing for the bookmaker is to choose a reliable software provider. In the cis countries, most founders prefer authorized representatives and international companies whose online organization guarantees:

  • Quality service and supervision of ground items;
  • Supply of gaming software on the online playground;
  • Safety of betters using international companies.

Trust your business only to proven suppliers!

This article has emerged thanks to an authorized representative in the cis countries inbet. Software software solution properties and online business.

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