Bookmakers Are Put On The Fact That “Brexite” Will Not

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April 18, 2022
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British bookmakers low rate chances «brexit» according to the results of the referendum, which will be held june 23. They bet on the fact that most of the british vote against the public output from the eu, reports bbc.

Bookmakers are put on the fact that 'brexite' will not

Based on forecasts of ladbrokes bc, chances «brexita» make up 22%, and the likelihood that the state will retain the status quo – 78%.

The representative of ladbrokes alex donokhye said:

«If you look at the referendums in a historical retrospect, then the people of the fluctuated, who did not make decisions until the last minute often make a decision in favor of the cvo status».

Bc estimate the chances of winning the eu supporters not much lower than the chances of winning the germans over ukrainians for euro 2016. However, the latest polls demonstrate approximately equivalent chances of two camps before carrying out a referendum.

Bookmakers estimate not only historical parallels and probability – they exhibit coefficients based on the number of rates on this or that outcome of the event. According to alex donohye, about 90% of the betters make bets on the status quo.

Ladbrokes bc offers 4/11 coefficient to preserve the uk membership in the eu. William hill takes rates on «stay» just like ladbrokes, – 4/11, and betfair – 1/46.

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