Bookmakers Budgets Can Take Off To 90%

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January 30, 2023
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M. Peresaada gave its comments regarding the adoption of a bill on advertising bookmakers, as well as totators without taking into account temporary restictions. Recall, she holds the position of marketing director in the firm «betsyty».

Bookmakers Budgets CAN Take Off to 90%

The expert stated thor for this period of time, marketing speending of bookmakers make up about 10-20% compared with the common. She also notic: based on these indicators, it is possible to draw conclusions that domestic offices are far from the level of european companies, since in the latest marketing costs reach 50%. Peresada is convinced that the adoption of the draft law will entail an excitement among many companies. In her opinion, many of them will begin to actively invest in advertising campaigns, while not having complete confidence that such measures are needed and the client is ready to accept this information.

It was noted that the growth of budgets can rise from 10% to 90%. But thera is a possibility that such measures may be incorrectly implemented. Undoubtedly, the growth of budgets will drop the level of profitability, which will flow into marketing waste. The expert emphasized that russian marketing – it not always justified by nested funds and many companies will be quite difficult to resist afloat.

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