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January 10, 2022
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Despite the fact that craig’s contract should be filmed in a series of films about james bond until 2020, discussing someone who replaces him in the role of bond, has been continuing for a long time. Experts gave their forecasts on this.

James Bond: Daniel Craiga can replace Henry Golding
Content: 1. Tom hiddleston2. James norton3. Richard madden4. Tom hard5. Idris elba6. Ladbrokes coefficients

Among the main applicants for the role: tom hiddleston, tom hardy, richard madden and, of course, idris elba. But now this list replenished with a new actor – film star «simple request» henry golding.

Tom hiddleston

English actor and producer tom hiddleston has a wide filmography. He starred in the paintings «brief peak», «midnight in paris», as well as in the picture «only lovers will survive». One of the most famous is the role of loki in marvel. Hiddleston – laureate of lawrence olivier awards and «golden globe».

Tom Hiddleston

Source photo: livestory.Com.Ua

James norton

Full james norton played alex herman in the painting «macmafia», and also andrei bolkonsky in the series «war and peace» based on the works of lion tolstoy. These roles are steel for james norton star. In addition, he starred in films «belle» and «race».

James Norton

Photo source: lostfilm.Info

Richard madden

One of the most famous actors of the scottish theater and cinema is richard madden. You can know it by tv series «game of thrones», «medici: florence lords» and «bodyguard». The actor also leads television shows.

Richard Madden

Photo source: peopletalk.Ru

Tom hardy

The film, after which tom hardy has gained world popularity, has become «stewart: last life», where the english actor played the role of the homeless stew of a shorter. He is famous for many roles in the most famous paintings, such as «start», «dark knight: revival legend», «mad max: road rare», «dunkirk», «vienna». Hardy became the owner of the bafta award, as well as the nominee for «oscar».

Tom Hardy

Photo source: tass.Ru

Idris elba

Spectators know idris elbe on the films «28 weeks later», «ghost rider 2», «pacific rim» and trilogy «tor». The first significant role actor played in movie «dr. Elinor bromvell».


Source photo: ivi.Ru

According to the chances of the british-malaysian actor decreased to 20/1. However, as the version of the bc coral.

Next to the golding are the main hero of the series «stranger» sam hugheng, movie star «lord of the rings» orlando bloom and actor from television series «boardwalk empire» jack houston.

Superman himself, henry cavill, and the star of television series «pollka» aidan turner has a 16/1 coefficient each.

Richard madden is still a leader among all candidates.

Daniel craig still plays the role of james bond and returns to «bond 25», which should go out in 2020. The film fans will also see the return of lea seyd in the role of dr. Madeleine suonn, ben wisha in the role of q, naomi harris in the role of eva manipenni and fayns ralph as m m.

A star may appear as a villain in the film «bohemian rhapsodia» rami malek. Indition, the director cary fukunaga suggested that the villain from specter – ernst stavro blofeld (christoph waltz) – may also come back.

Ladbrokes coefficients

  • Tom hiddleston (6/4);
  • James norton (5/2);
  • Richard madden (5/1);
  • Tom hardy (6/1);
  • Idris elba (8/1).

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