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October 28, 2022
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Bookmakers in England will open in April

British prime minister boris johnson announced his "road carrier of isolation" with a schedule for softening covid-19 countermeasures as the country promotes vaccination. The schedule established by the prime minister provides four stages of opening various types of business from march 8.

It is expected that the bookmakers in england will be allowed to resume work at the second stage, which is planned to start on april 12. Casino, bingo halls and adult gaming centers will open in the third stage from may 17.

Board at rates and gambling urged to allow bookmakers and casinos to open up simultaneously with similar enterprises. Game establishments were forced longer to wait for the opening after the initial lock in the uk, with several delays.

Johnson said dates for each of the stages subject to be changed depending on the dissemination of cases of covid-19. The interval in five weeks will be maintained between each stage, so if the first stage will begin later than march 8, the subsequent stages will be discarded at the same time. However, this time the opening of the economy will be final, johnson said, characterizing the roadmap as a one-way movement road.

Johnson’s schedule applies only to england, but the government of scotland, wales and northern ireland consider similar plans to withdraw restrictions.

All gambling institutions in the uk were closed from january 5, but many were closed for a longer period due to multi-level regional restrictions.

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