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September 14, 2022
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All bookmakers of england (total 5681) will close from november 5, 2020 in accordance with the new national ban, announced by prime minister boris johnson, which will be a heavy blow to the bookmaker and gambling industry.

Nevertheless, jumps and other elite sports will be able to continue to be carried out in the premises, unlike the initial blocking.

Bookmakers, as well as all other secondary retail trade enterprises will be closed, which will become a significant blow and will seriously affect the income from the fees and the right of media.

The exact economic consequences are unclear, but, according to the previous periods, each of the bookmakers every year paid about 36,000 pounds of sterling for the rights of the media for images of racing and greasy, and retail turnover is about a third. Thus, losses from closing the bookmaker’s office are even for a month;.

The closing period includes several significant races, including the three-day november derby in cheltenham, heatock on betfair chase and the match ladbrokes trophy in newbury. And at least three rounds of the football premier league matches, and the bookmakers will be closed.

However, since johnson’s statement reflects only what will happen in england, it is assumed that 772 stores in scotland and 283 stores in northern ireland will remain open if the relevant field decisions will be taken.

Source: racing post edition

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