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February 2, 2022
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Kazakhstan bookmakers can work with 2021 years in existing law

On january 4, 2021, the amendments to the laws of the igor business of the republic of kazakhstan, which include a number of important innovations concerning the bookmakers and tote. One of them is the creation of a rack accounting center (tsus) through which all rates will have to be accepted, and the winnings will be paid. The main problem is that the ministry of culture and sports responsible for the center intends to act within the framework of public-private partnership – exirius llp. Bookmakers will need to additionally pay the operator commission in the amount of 4 percent of the turnover. The issues of new rules discussed at a joint press conference of representatives of the industry in almaty

Representatives of the bookmaker’s office doubt that for a short period of time someone will be able to create such software that can cope with the tasks assigned to it. And if due to the influx of rates (for example, the european football championship and other important sports events) the system will fail, the bookmakers will incur huge losses and lose their parts of the clients. And the responsibility of the operator of the tsus or the authorized body in the legislation is not spelled out, and the damage will completely fall on the shoulders of businessmen.

In the light of such risks, the development of the mechanism of functioning of the tsus was to take much longer, the founder of the cnp processing gmbh / processing kz processing center christopher hani is considered:

"First need analysis. I would give this process about a year, because the main thing is not just physical implementation, but preparation. And i do not discuss legal issues. What is happening now is just physically impossible ".

Another difficulty is connected with the fact that at present in kazakhstan, the system of remote identification of customers is not fully debugged. Tsus did not provide any information on this procedure. The client remains personally to appear in the gambling zones or in borovoy, directly in the tsus himself in nur-sultan. A lawyer of the payment organization tarlan payments clara monastyrshin noted:

"Will they do this in the presence of foreign sites, where the procedure for obtaining winnings is much easier? Answer, i think, is clear

The amendments to the law on igor’s business, in the opinion of experts, will negatively affect the two segments – the bookmaker market and payment system market. A reduction in their revolutions will entail a decrease in tax revenues to the budget. The head of the pay dala payment organization ilya efimenko noted:

"In the field of payment business, the lack of 20% of income on the operations of bookmakers reduces net profit by 50% and increases the payback period of the business. Accordingly, the market will decline. As for taxes, their arrears in both sectors can be 5-10 billion tenge per year. "

At the same time, representatives of the bookmakers are not against the introduction of the tsus, for this it is necessary to bring in accordance with: the tsus should not be monitored by a private structure; such centers, according to businessmen, should be somewhat in order to avoid monopolizing the market and the prospects for unreasonable enrichment of individuals; the launch of the tsus must be transferred to at least a year to enable the development of a strong technical and legal framework for the implementation of the system. At the same time, the head of the association of the bc of the republic of kazakhstan, aralim sagyintay, claims:

"The law comes into force, and no one against the law will go. If normal integration does not occur if there are no official documents, from january 4, all bookmakers will be forced to suspend their activities ".

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