Bookmakers Will Be Able To Take Bets On Fist Fights

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August 15, 2022
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The list of official sports brought fist fights. According to the newly recognized discipline, from decepties 1, activities will conduct activities under the control of the federation of boxing federation (fbi). Now the bookmakers can expand the lines and take bets on this discipline.

Bookmakers Will Be Able to Take Bets on Fist Fights

At the ministry of the commission of the ministry of the commision of the ministry of agriculture, foul battles added to official sportsdity. Now all documents are registered in the ministry of justice, and since december 1, events for fisting battles will be organized, which will control the fbi. Also begins the procedure for licensing fighters. This was stated by the secretary secretary of the fbi cyril schukutyev during a press conference.

The representative of the fbi also noted that the organization has already developed a clear regulation, which will be interacted in the organization of fist combat. The key focus is made on compliance with the medical standards: fighters will oblige to competitions to undergo in-depth medical examination, practically the same as before fighting in professional box. Mandatory will make and doping control of athletes. Weighing categories will also be introduced.

Among the innovations also introducing the fbi rating in fist battles and title of champion of the russian federation. The question of assigning fighters of the titles. A single rating of fighters will not depend on the status of promoters.

Promotional companies and managers, as well as fighters, will necessarily undergo licensing. Now in the russian federation there are two organizations that conduct such batches: hardcor fc and top dog fc.

Thanks to the recognition of fist fighting official sports, now legal bookmakers of the russian federation will be able to take rates within this discipline. According to the law, betting offices may offer customers only on official competitions that are organized by russian or international leagues and organizations, as well as included in the unified national calendar plan.

We remind you, fas has opened a case on the bc «fonbet» in connection with the commercial, which violates russian legislation.

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