Boxer Alexander Povetkin Called Russian Athletes As Honest In The World, And Wada Is Unfair

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April 26, 2022
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Russian boxer alexander povetkin expressed his own opinion regarding the decision of the country of boxing country and the removal of the national team from international tournaments. Read more in material.

Boxer Alexander Povetkin called Russian athletes as honest in the world, and Wada is unfair

Russian boxer povetkin expressed an opinion on the removal of russia from the olympics

After many months of proceedings and clarification, the anti-doping agency voiced his verdict for russia. Recall that in the moscow laboratory found serious violations associated with the base of local athletes. In more detail about the scandal itself, we told in a special material.

Outcome – russia again lost the flag and the status of the national team on the leading competitions over the next four years. On this occasion, the famous russian boxer alexander povetkin.

He noted that he would not go to the competition without the status of the national team. However, he would like to see the russian boxing to be presented at the olympic games. In this matter, alexander supported the statement of the national boxing federation about ignoring the olympics.

In a separate article, we analyzed the statement of bob arum regarding the fighting of anthony joshua and mexican andy ruiz.


Surprises the position of alexander regarding the wada decision in general. Based on its own observations, the boxer said that russian athletes do not accept doping. At the same time, povetkin himself sevel times failed doping tests, due to which his boxing fights were canceled (one of them – with deontey wilder in 2016).

Russian heavyweight is confident that everything is happening – provocation and athletes received an unfair punishment. Moreover, alexander is convinced of the honesty of compatriots and called the sport in russia «the cleaner».

«It’s a shame that the country, our coat of arms and flag – why not?» – russian boxer expressed bewilderment.

Recall that in the undercarget of the battle of ruis and joshua passed the fight alexander povetkin. Fight ended in a draw and himself «russian vityaz» it remained unhapy.

Earlier we wrote in more detail about the russian russian against the american.

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