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April 5, 2022
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In the championship of gennady golovkin – sergey dardichenko boxers will fight for the right to have an ibf belt in middleweight. Date of battle, place and comment of experts – in our article.

Boy of Golovna and Dovenchko will not be boring - expert
Content: 1. Golovkin – dovenchko: date of battle and place2. Updated gennady golovkin: doodle has something to answer

Golovkin – dovychenko: date of battle and place

The match for the title champion will be held on the cult isna in new york – «madison square garden», which in his century was the many great battles. This time it will become a place where their strengths will test the applicants for the vacant ibf title: golovkin, dvorchenko.

Date of boy – october 5. Both athletes are well acquainted boxing lovers not only from the cis, but also around the world. Gennady until september 15, 2018 owned three belts of this weight category, being practically king of the division with 38 victories (34 – knockout). But the defeat from saul alvares was seriously affectedd by the ggg position.

As a result, kazakhstan replaced the coach and now plans to return to the orympus of professional boxing. This year, he easily defeated steve rolls, who had 19 fights wort defeat. Now the gene is configured to return the belt that he has already possessed. Interestingly, before, karutchenko could fight alvarez, and the media even reported on the successful end of these negotiations, but saul ultimately changed his mind.

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Updated gennady golovkin: doodle has something to answer

Yes, triple g changed abel sanchez, with whom she collaborated for many years, on jonathan banks. They, but this does not mean that the american does not affect the ex-champion. On the contrary, already a duel against rolls showed chages in the native of kazakhstan. Gennady all his careers was charged to the bowe and easily walked on differenes in hope as soon as possible to knock out the opponent. Now it acts more carefully and weigly.

But wooden has something to answer the famous fighter. Ukrainian is not in vain has a nickname technician. Sergei – fast, technical boxer, besides for 4 years young genes. In 2018, he already trid to get the title in the match with daniel jacobs, but failed. The current chance – excellent opportunity to take off on top. According to the expert lee skavidis, the fight sergey dardichenko golovkin will be offnded on both sides.

The analyst is confident that ggg will be able to get victory by knockout, although it will be not easy. According to him, the gene will try to break into the near battle and cause serious blows on the body, sergey will also try to work out on the distance. But as a result, the kazakhstani fighter will still be able to successfully reduce it, he and the case delivery the ukrainian.

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