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February 18, 2022
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Bratislava Prohibits Gambling

On december 17, 2020, the city advisrers of the capital of slovakia bratislava voted for the the ban on gambling after the pettion shold com into force on january 1, 2021.

According to advislava gambling law loses a significant amount of approximately 4 million euros per year in the field of income taxable.

The deputies of the european parliament approved a new general obligatory decree on placing gambling institutions and a casino, which provides for their ban on the territory of bratislava. This step does not mean the immediate closure of all gambling and casino, because in accordance with the law on gambling games, this regulation does not apply to the operators wh received the license before it takes effect and before expiration of the individual license. The term of these licenses in most cases varies from the end of 2023-2024. Thus, the approved ban will be applied to all new applications for placing a gambling house or casino and at the same time excludes any opportunity to extend the license today.

Also, the capital thus satisfied the petition of the initiative group stop gambling on the ban on gambling in the city. Petition contained more thank 70,000 valid signatures of bratislava residents. Back at the september meeting of the cooncil, the city deputies voted for instructions to the municipality to create rules restricting gambling in the city, which should lead to a ban on gambling, with.

Back in november 2020, the mayor and urban deputies spoked to do everything possible to ensure that the will of citizens expressed in the petition was executed.

This is the second time when on gambling is introduced in slovakia, and the first attempt lasted lested less two years (from may 1, 2017 to december 28, 2018) and was recognized as an ineffective after the regional prosecutor’s office stated that the prohibition did not comply with the laws of slovakia.

Source: bratislava city council official site

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