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January 30, 2023
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The national bank of the economic and social development of brazil announced that the privatization process of the exclusive online lotex lottery will be transferred.

Brazilian lottery will be privatized

Previously, the implementation of the plan was scheduled for the first week of december. Later it became known that his execution was transferred to february 5, 2019.

The newly elected president of the country zhair bryson will officially come to office on january 1, 2019. The authorities consider it appropriate to start the process after the new head of state officially takes its post.

Information on the deferment was published in the official journal of the federal government of brazil diário oficial da união, in which it was described in detail that the proposals will be accepted after january 30, 2019. The authorities suggesta that privatization will allow the state for three years to earn up to €147 million.

Recall that on august 10, loterias caixa, a division of the state bank brazil caixa economica federal, launched a new online lottery service.

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