Break – Not To Build, Or Why Vanda Nara Brings Her Husband Some Failures

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February 7, 2022
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Personal agent and spouse mauro ikardi – wanda nara declares that her husband has no conflicts with team colleagues, and disagreements with leadership «intera» will soon be settled. However, perhaps the case is really not in mauro, but in the wanda itself. We understand why the new contract does not see the football player.

Break - not to build, or why Vanda Nara brings her husband some failures

Wanda nara and her husband mauro icardi – one of the most discussed pairs of italian football. Talented striker «intera» chose his companion of life in agents, and since then it began to raise trouble.

In february, forward deprived the captain’s dressing due to the behavior of his wife. The football player has not yet been lucky enough to go to a football field. Lack of husband wanda nara explains the restoration after knee injury. She also adds that the husband is working hard without giving hands to return to the field in good shape. However whether mauro ikardi will return – a big question, as the last monhs of negotiations with the leadership «intera» the signing of a new contract was not crowned with success.

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The girl often appears in the italian media, where he no longerted that the agreement would be be achieved, first of all because mauro wants to stay in «inter».

However, the club’s management is configured skeptical to the agent of the demolished captain. Some believe that the entire fault of the patriarchalness of the inner football system, which, they say, does not recognize women «at sturvala». In addition, the love triangle with maxi lopez and the current husband does not contribute to the improvement of the dominated photos of wanda on the internet.

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Wife ikardi also partly recognizes that a negative attitude personally throwns a shadow on her husband and his career. In a recent interview for tiki taka, sheated thal she talked with the leadership of the club and thely confirmed that her husband had no disagrements with teammate partners, however, the problem is that aer perceived with her husband as a whole.

Anyway, the girl also has its fans who pay attention to the fact that the leadership «intera», nara was able to make a contract worth $ 3.6 million to which another $ 1 million was added a year later.

In addition, recently wanda was awarded «premium socate» – awards awarded for the struggle for freedom of speech and opinions.

In the meantime, the spouse is fighting for freedom of speech and fees, mauro ikardi himself teases fans «milan». After the recent defeat with the score of 3: 2 in favor «intera» the football player published on his page in instagram photo of the milan cathedral painted in the colors of his team.

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Buongiorno milano ????⚫️???? # mi9

Publication from mauro icardi – mi9 (@mauricardi) 18 mar 2019 at 5:43 pdt

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