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February 1, 2022
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Ancient English entertainment that appeared at the beginning of the XVI century in the UK, quickly became popular in Europe and the USA. It may seem complicated by novice, but after 2-3 parties, the overall process becomes clear. Before sitting at the table, you should read the rules of the game in Cribbedzh in Russian. And it is recommended to move to cash rates after receiving a full view of the discipline.

What are the types of games

For almost 500 years of existence, this entertainment changed more. New varieties arose, the rules and conditions of victory were adjusted. The main goal of the opponents is to compile combinations and earn points. Who first pick up 61 points, he takes the bank.

On 6 or 7 cards

Here are classic rules with some exceptions. They concern mostly victory conditions. In 6- and 7-card variants, the party is conducted to 61 and 121 points, respectively. The opponent of the serve does not receive 3 pay points. When both opponents are ready to continue, a person who has the right move begins the next cycle.

With trading

Classic Rules Card game Cribbedzh with a pair of change. To win the victory in the party you need to dial 121 points. If usually, Crib automatically gets a survey, here will receive a person who has turned it out of his opponent. The first bet makes the player to the left of the dealer, and then the right of the progress is transmitted clockwise. Who will offer more points, he wins the auction. The appropriate amount of points is deducted from his account.

Together with the curtain, the player receives the right to first calculate and show the hands.

For four

The game is conducted in pairs. Partners sit down opposite each other. Conversations are prohibited. Dealer distributes all 5 or 6 cards. Opponents are discharged in Crib on one instead of two. Commands have a common account. The winning pair is declared, the first scored 61 points.

Rules of the game in Cribbedzh

It uses an ordinary deck without jokers. Each card is assigned a certain dignity. Ace gives 1 point, a dozen and pictures – 10, others – in their nominal.

Parties on this discipline are held in stages. First, the participants define the serve. The deck is mixed and removed by man on the left hand from the dealer. Players get 6 cards. Of these, you need to leave ourselves 4, and 2 reset on the table for the formation of Crib.

Sitting to the left of the serve person removes part of a non-cereal and puts it under the bottom. The top opens – it is considered to be the starting stage.

Online casino game

Next, opponents are laying out on the same map, trying to collect combinations and earn glasses. The cycle continues until one of the participants will drop 31 points, or until both are able to be like, not exceeding this mark. If someone has no action options at which the rule will not be broken, it declares "pass". His opponent gets an extra point.

After these conditions are fulfilled, the first round is completed. Behind him is the second – show. It participates in the hands of the players before the start of the distribution, and the starting map on top of the deck.

At the first stage, the masters do not matter, on the second – bring extra glasses.

The party ends when one of the account participants is reached. 61. If the game was done on money, he takes the bank.


At various stages of the distribution of the combination bring different number of points. Depending on the round, their value may vary.

Before the beginning

Only currency is useful here. Having received two points for it if he turns out to be started.

Stage drawing

At this stage of distribution it is necessary to earn points to gain 31. You can get them for combinations:

Fifteen Any card giving in total with previously laid out 15 2
Pair One of the simplest combinations. For him, you need to add a card to the table of the same dignity as the previous one 2
Troika The same as a couple, only not the second, but the third card of the same rank 6
Quartet The strongest combination of points. For her collection, you need to put the fourth map of the same nominal in addition to three previous 12
Subsequence Gets a player who has formed a combination of three and more ranks. The order of displaying cards does not matter. 3, 4, 5 and 4, 5, 3 are the same. The longer the sequence, the more glasses get a person From 3 to 6
Last map The participant becomes the owner of the prize pool, the last movement, if everything is done after him, "pass" one
Thirty one To collect you need to add the last map to get in the amount of 31 points 2

The account is constantly marked in a special wooden board or written to the table on paper.


At the final stage, such accruals for collecting combinations from the hands of the hands are relevant.

Fifteen The combination that gives in the amount of 15 points 2
Couple, Troika and Quartet 2, 3 and 4 cards of the same dignity 2, 6 and 12
Subsequence All possible combinations ascending without taking order From 3 to 5
Suit 4 or 5 suited cards From 4 to 5
Valet The simplest combination is counted if one of the opponents in the hand has a jam, which coincides with the starting card. one

Counting points is carried out by a dealer or each player separately. Distribution participants agree in advance. In the online format for summing up the computer answers.

Accrual of glasses and results

Speak brief about the rules of the Cribbeda card game can not be in the separation from the calculation of points. The victory goes to a person who first reached the account 61 regardless of the stage of distribution.

If the opponent of passing picks up the right amount of points when showing his hand, he wins, even if the opponent can earn more points with its own combinations.

Accrual occurs for:

  • Starting Valet.
  • Raffle.
  • Show.
  • Crib.

The classic set of card discipline includes a special board with pins. Distribution participants are put on it chips to designate an account in the current and previous queue.


In the absence of such a board, the results can be written by a handle or pencil on a sheet of paper.

Tips for users

Cribbedzh is a skill game, and the strategy here has a determining value. Assist in achieving the best results may recommend such recommendations:

  • When counting points it is worth starting with fifteen. Then go pairs, three, quartets and suited five.
  • At the beginning of the round it is better to put on the table 4, 3 or 2. In this case, the opponent will not be able to gain 15.
  • Place 5 and couples in the rival Crib – Bad Jewel. But sacrifice the power of your hand to pump him, also not.
  • Need to play cribbing in Russian. English-language options can have other definitions and slang.
  • Cash rates should be done after a complete study of the rules. The first distributions are safer to interest.

Learning this discipline can be infinite, and even experienced people often find something new to use in their strategy.


What is the main goal of the game in Cribbedzh?

Score with combinations. The winner of the party is announced by a person, the first reached up to 61 points. In different versions of the rules, this bar is changing.

Is it possible to play cribbing on the Internet?

Slots and Live Tables for this discipline are in online casinos and various applications. But not all of them offer the possibility of making money rates.

How to choose places for online games?

Values ​​have bonuses – with their help you can minimize attachments at the start. You also need to pay attention to the license. This permission is the main confirmation of the safety and reliability of the operator.

In which online casino give bonuses without replenishment?

List of gambling, where new users are charged for registration, presented in different sections of this site. Before creating an account, make sure that the operator supports Cribbed.

How to activate a unique bonus code?

It must be specified in the field of the same name when registering or at the checkout during account replenishment. Some disposable and can be used once.

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