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January 13, 2022
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Following the example of barclays, three more large banks of the united kingdom will allow clients to control and block certain types of payments through mobile applications.

British Banks Limits Gembling Transactions

Lloyds, santander and rbs approved proposals for the development of blocking functions related to transactions on online rates. Indition, barclays plans to integrate a component for blocking transactions associated with online gambling into digital bank platforms.

Several leading banks will follow this example, updating the mobile banking applications so that customers can control when and where they spend money.

Rbs, whose clients are 30 million britons, steated that it will introduce measures similar to those who have been implemented by barclays at the end of last year.

Speaking of tools embedded by barclays, meaning that customers can disable interaction in an application with all objects associated with gambling, as well as block payments in four categories: food and beverages, gas stations, products and supermarkets, premium sites and telephone lines.

Representative lloyds said: «we plan to improve customer interaction, informing them about gambling costs and introducing restrictions for spending gembling».

New card management tools allow customers to efficiently monitor transactions.

After the barclays announces the creation of blocking functions, the executive director of gambleaware mark etche commented on this initiative:

«In britain 340,000 problem players and another 1.7 million people are at risk. Such initiatives can play an important role in reducing harm associated with gambling».

Recall that members of the uk parliament intend to explore the potential connection between computer and gambling. This decision was preceded by an active discussion of whether lutboxes can be equated with gembling.

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