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October 14, 2022
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Bookmakers agreed to pay additional charges for existing streaming and data transfer until december 2, 2020 to compensate for the ippodrome of financing deficit caused by the widespread closure of the bookmakers in the uk and ireland in connection with the covid-19 pandemic. Similar steps have already been undertaken in june and july, when the bookmakers were closed.

In this regard, an agreement has been reached with the racecourse media group, which belongs to 34 shareholders of british racetracks and provides streaming and data from 35 british and all 26 irish hippodrols.

More than half of the income of the racetracks comes from the audience. And lokdaun harm sports and threatens the viability of races in the future, if the government does not allow them to open.

Julian tolik, ceo newbury racecourse, said:

"We are very grateful to the bookmake industry for consent to pay increased fees next month. This additional funding will be highly appreciated by hippodrome, but it will not shut up the gap left by lost income. Do not be mistaken, the racetracks are really suffering now, and the return of viewers is absolutely necessary for our work, and we are grateful for the support of the industry ".

Every year, terrestrial and online bookmakers pay tens of millions of pounds for the right to show customers direct racing broadcasts, and contributions, sponsorship and advertising payments.

The problem aggravates the fact that the bookmaker office is the only part of the retail, which are included in the risk area and may not open after the abolition of lokdanun. Bgc encouraged the government fairly related to bookmakers.

Michael duager, executive director of bgc, said: "there has always been a close connection between rates and jumps. Considering that the government continues to limit covid, seriously affecting this sport, you can only welcome what the bookmakers will strengthen the support of this sport ".

Source: official page betting and gaming council

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