British Financial Giants Will Join The Strategy Of Responsible Gambling

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January 28, 2022
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The leading credit organizations of the united kingdom promised to play their role in minimizing the problems associated with gambling after the gambling commission (ukgc) announced the start of the discussion of the issue associated with the use of credit cards in geplinning.

British Financial Giants Will Join The Strategy of Responsible Gambling

The governing body regulating authority urged interested parties, including gambling operators and financial institutions, as well as charitable organizations to facilitate the burden of debt and individual consumers share their opinions and arguments regarding the aspect of the use of credit cards in gambling games.

The commission, which has already statedt that, in principle, supports loan money restrictions, stated the considation results will be used to consider the need for regulatory measures, such as restriction or prohibition of gambling with credit cards.

Now she requests data and evidence to help make a complete picture in order to study the scale of the problem and appriate risks.

Uk finance – an organization that represents more thank 250 firms in the financial and banking spheres of great britain, – stated that he woud take an active part in the discusion and present their own arguments before the expiration – 16th of may.

«The banking sector wants to help customers avoid the risk of harm related to gambling, – reported by the representative of the company. – the industry continues to work closely with the government, the commission on gambling and clients, in order to prevent problems that arise, including regarding the use of credit cards for gambling».


In turn, charity gambleaware, which this week launched a new campaign on safe gambling, repeated its call for a ban on use of loans in gambling.

«We have long urge to prohibit the use of credit cards in internet gambling, –mark etchem, executive director gambleaware. – gambling using credit money increases the risk that consumers will spend more than the can afford. Risk is even more increasing due to the fact that there are no limitations established by the law on the interests and winnings on the internet, as well as for other forms of gambling in britain».

Indition, the great british igor igor industry regulator also raised the issue of the impact of gaming machines category b on gamers.

Previously, it became known that the ukgc made a proposal for tightening the imentification data verification process. Target – understand whether it is possible to ensure that self-mixed players will not be able to deceive the system.

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