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May 3, 2022
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Operators in the field of online gambling are reminded that the products offered by them must comply with the standards of transparency and security, which are established by the commission on gambling.

British Gambling Operators Remind Of Standards

The commissioning announced this after he revealed that six operators offered an additional purchase feature (feature buy-in) in slot style games. She gave customers the opportunity to invest significant amounts of money to gain access to bonuses, while the did not play at the initial stages of the game slot. To access the bonus function it was necessary to make 3000 pounds of sterling.

Technical standards commission on gambling software contains the following requirements:

  • Requirement rts 3a: explanation of the rules applied must be easily accessible to the client’s understanding so that it can start the game. The content, including illustrations and text, must be accurate and sufficient to explain all applicable rules and ways to participate. All reasonable measures shold be taken to make the content become clear.
  • Requirement rts 14a: gambling products should not actively encourage customers to manage the game leading to losses, to an increase in the amount to which the client will solve to play; also, the client should not continue to play gambling after he declared his desire to stay.

All six operators with whom connected on the use of this function, deleted it from their sites.

Recall that the us has developed a bill according to which some gambling can be defined as agility games.

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