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September 13, 2022
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The uk gambling commission (ukgc) announced the implementation of the latest public debate to find evidence and collecting opinions to form more stringent requirements for online operators and to identify consumers who may be at risk of harm from gambling, as well as interacting and taking measures to prevent this harm.

Discussion announced from november 3, 2020, is intended to exchange views and suggestions regarding consumer protection measures and assess the availability of gambling for the client within the age of age cencing.

Tim miller, executive director, said:

"Although some operators continue to improve their interaction with customers, our data show that many online operators do not set the threshold values ​​of the corresponding levels. They do not take appropriate actions or do not act quickly harm reveal. But we want to hold an open discussion with representatives of the gambling industry, consumers, people with life experience and other stakeholders to ensure the right balance between the provision of freedom to consumers and ensure protection to prevent harm from gambling ".

Open survey will be held on the website of the commission until january 12, 2021, and anyone can express their opinion.

Details on the official website gambling comission

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