British Gembling Giants Put On Control Of Their Affiliates

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April 20, 2022
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To improve partnerships with affiliates and compliance with responsible measures relating to gambling, lottoland lottery operator and the company at the sport moplay rates signed the appropriate agreement with rightlander.

British gembling giants put on control of their affiliates

Rightlander will provide both operators access to a number of tools, which include automated conformity monitoring, pay-per-click monitor (ppc), as well as a means of finding affiliates, which allows you to find partner sites that refer to the operators brands without their knowledge. This guarantee that partners who create traffic on sites act legally.

The search for affiliates scans millions of web pages every month to identify new and well-known sites in different geographic dots: denmark, united kingdom, sweden, australia and usa also come here.

Moplay and lottoland will focus on maximaly comply with the standards of responsible game in the uk market. The as operators provide guarantee that the operators provide guarantees that their affiliates do not offer free games wort funds to control the age of participants.


Jan sims, founder rightlander, said that the commision on gambling gave clearly to understand that the operators shold be responsible for the activities of their affiliates and monitor the respect of their respective standards to the players. Rightlander assumes most of the work necessary to achieve the result.

Senior affiliate specialist in lottoland stephanie cook said that partnership with rightlander will allow to fully control affiliate programs and follow the compliance with all norms.

Moplay ceo mark henrich also added that the tools provided by rightlander are an effective way to monitor partner content and help in verifying compliance with gbgc requirements.

Recall that on the eve of the holidays, the uk gambling commission made a warning to the organizers of the lottery.

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