British National Lottery Increased Sales Over Half

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April 19, 2022
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In the first six months of the fiscal year camelot, the national lottery operator of the uk, sold tickets for a total amount in £3.93 billion. This is 13.5% more compared with last year.

British National Lottery Increased sales over half

For the period from april 1 to april 28, camelot sales in the digital sector amounted to £1.16 billion, which is 40% more compared with the indicators for the same period in 2018. Thus, for the same period, sales in the digital sector are first recorded, exceeding £1 billion. Indicators for implementation through mobile applications this year amounted to £749 million, whereas the amount over the past year was 73.5% lower.

On all channels, the volume of the sale of circulation lotteries was the main part of camelot turnover. National operator received £2.26 billion, which is 15.3% more than last year. Camelot representatives also said that the euromillions game brought a significant sales gain. During rolovover draw in october, jackpot was won in £170 million. At the same time, even without increasing, which provided rolovers, sales for the first half of the year would have achieved a record level.

Turnover from games with instant winnings and national lotteries grew by 11% year in annual – before £one.66 billion. Also operator allocated £876.8 million for charitable goals, which is 10.5% more than last year. Since the beginning of the start of the program, the national lottery financed more than 565 thousand. Individual projects, with 70% of grants totaling £10 thousand. In addition, camelot provided prizes to the total amount in £2.24 billion, by 13.4% more than for the period 2018-2019. Also included 147 prizes of the amount more £1 million.

High Performance Indicators Demonstrate The Best State Of The Lottery for All Time

Camelot executive director nigel reilton said that high performance indicators demonstrate the best state of the lottery for all time. At the moment, sales have grown, and more on various projects and initiatives were allocated more £3.2 billion.

This year, the amount collected by the operator for charitable purposes reached more than £40 billion. The total amount of prize payments is equal £73 billion. Reilton clarified that there are currently large successes achieved in brand promotion.

In october, camelot announced that retailer were given an indication to stop selling scratch cards worth £10 in order to support efforts to combat the destructive influence of gambling.

Recall, in russia, the deputy found a way to combat fake lotteries.

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