British National Lottery Is Fighting Ludomania

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April 14, 2022
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British national camelot lottery releases scratch card cost £10 because of the concernn that the product stimulates the development of problem gambling.

British National Lottery IS Fighting Ludomania

According to the sun, camelot group has already commissioned its retail sales partners to stop the distribution of scratch cards worth £10. The basis for a similar solution was the desire of the protection to fully ensure the protection of the rights of players. From now on, the cost of the most expensive scratch camelot card available in the retail network will be £five.

The republic of camelotted that the survey operator’s conducted among the lottery operator’s clients indicate that players impose too much hopes for the acquisition of the most expensive scratch cards. This, in turn, contributes to the development of problem gambling.

The british gambling commission (ukgc) published a statement in which it was argued that the withdrawal of 10-pound scratch cards is not the sole solution camelot. Representatives of ukgc also add that despite the fact that lottery operations are an absolutely legal view of leisure, 10-pound scratch cards are associated with problem gambling.

At the same time, the gambling regulator does not exclude the possibility of the fact that subect to minimizing existing risks, scratch cards can be returned to circulation. Already sold scratch cards will be valid for 180 days after the compltion of the seizure process.

According to the segment of scratch-camelot, the segment of scratch-cards and online games generated £3.12 billion. Indicator on £290 million exceeds last year.

Recently, the government of great britain initiated a closed public consultation on the subject of whether the minimum age of participation in lottery operations shold be incrased. Previously, age valves was set at 16 years.

Recall that the national lottery of great britain was involved in the scandal due to the fact that paid winning fraudsters. In this regard, the company paid fine.

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