British’S Largest Air Carrier Accuses Gambling Advertising

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January 14, 2022
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Members of the uk parliament filed a complaint to regulators, accusing airlines in the idealization of gembling.

British's Largest Air Carrier Accuses Gambling Advertising

The largest portrait of british british airways accused of prying gembling. In the latest television advertising campaign ba depicts a couple that easily wins money on slot machines. Complaints were sent to the british advertising regulator.

The ploot of advertising british airways holidays was that after swimming in the pool, the couple returns to his number across the casino hall.

«We have a little little things left, so we threw them into a slot machine… and won a few dollars. We sent them there, because the were sure that we win $ 493. That’s how they paid!» – they told them.

Former leader of the conservativive party ian duncan smith stated that he was simply daring with this content. Other members of parliament also noted that this issue requires immediate decision.

Advertising was on the air after a couple of weeks after the gambling company agreed to severe restrictions on television advertising of their products and services.

Press secretary of the uk advertising standards (asa) confirmed that the office received a number of complaints about the aforemenioned advertising.

«370,000 inhabitants of great britain suffer from gambling dependence. Gambling companies are required to recognize their responsibility to be confident that people are assibed with gambling», – said mark etche, executive director gambleaware.

In addition to members of parliament and other officials, a wave of indignation in the address of british airways also hung out of social networks, in particular from twitter.

However, the pess service of the arline stated that their advertising had previously received the approval of clearcast, so that fully complies with the requiements necessary for broadcast on television.

Recall that at the end of last year, the uk parliament decided to learn the connection between lutboxes and gambling.

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