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April 13, 2022
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Btobet has concluded an agreement with Imprexis-Gaming

Btobet announced partnership with specialists in free sports game imprexis gaming. In accordance with the btobet agreement, imprexis gaming ftp-games portfolio will offer its partners as part of sports events in different markets, which will allow them to achieve better results in terms of retention and involvement of players.

Content will include games based on football, creek, basketball, tennis, cyberport, and all games will be adapted specifically for each market on which they are represented.

Sabrina solde, btobet marketing director, expressed satisfaction with the agreement achieved with imprexis gaming, stating that its highly scalable multilingual ftp solutions would support btobet partners in sports bookmakers in all markets and in different jurisdictions, which will allow to apply a more localized and personalized approach.

Solda also added that the ftp imprexis gaming portfolio acts as an ideal gateway for acquiring for all operators in many markets, where btobet is already present:

"Scalable platform and a wide selection of content developed by imprexis gaming will help our partners deploy games based on their territorial strategies, which makes it possible to significantly improve the indicators of attraction and retention of players. In addition, advanced analytical tools used provide for details, simplifying game and campaigning management.

Danny thomas, the co-founder imprexis gaming, said:

"We are very happy to expand our partnership with btobet and give them sports rates to competitors advantage. Ftp jackpot games are currently firmly entrenched as a tool for attracting and interaction, and with constantly growing rules and restrictions on bonuses for registration. Our products are really important, so we look forward to interacting with btobet customers and create individual solutions that are ideal for their markets. ".

Source: btobet official website

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