Buckchich Found A Way To Help Australia With The Assistance Of Zverev

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April 29, 2022
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Famous tennis player belinda benchich turned to his colleague alexander zverev with a proposal that can benefit both the athlete, and suffering from australia fires.

Buckchich Found a Way to Help Australia with the Assistance of Zverev

Double errors – the main problem of zverev

The essence of the world of the wta standings is as follows: sacrifice $ 200 for each admitted double error during the upcoming open australian championship. Thus, according to the swiss athlete, there will be at least some benefit from dual errors.

Adopt a kind of challenge belinda offered to the german tennisist of russian origin alexander zverev. And this is no accident: sasha – leader among the highest class athletes who regularly admits double errors. About him «skill» alredy fold memes, although 378 double fault for one calendar year – figure is not funny. This, by the way, the second result among tennis players who are included in the atp rating by their number.

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Feedback problems have recently led to a rather unpleasant incident involving alexander. During the match with tizizpas (one of the principal opponents), in the framework of atp cup zverev began to allow unforced mistakes again. The father of the athlete who is part-time and his coach, tried to tell the son that he needs to change. But too angry due to the failure of zverev interrupted attempts to his father in a rather tough verbal form. Such an appeal even brought away the father of tennis player to tears who snatched the camera of the authors of the broadcast.

So, perhaps, bolchich’s suggestion will become useful for zverev, will make it more thoughtfully treating and will help those who suffer from australia fires.

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