Buenos Aires – The First Province Of Argentina, Legalizing Online Gembling

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February 9, 2022
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Argentine province buenos aires approved decree 181, which regulates activities related to online gambling, in december 2018. Recently, the decree on the legalization of the industry was published in the public edition.

Buenos Aires - The First Province of Argentina, Legalizing Online Gembling

Thus, the legalization of gambling online games in airentina for buenos aires.

The legislation of the country delegates the decision on the legalization and regulation of the gambling industry provinces.

Legalization of online gambling buenos aires can provoke the domino effect. In any case, industry experts hope that other provinces will follow the extample of buenos aires and will be egaged in the development of own legistion regultition of own legisting games.

In accordance with decree 181, the functions of the gambling regulator will be transferred to the lottery casino casino institute-aires. Also, the department will be responsible for issuing licenses to gambling operators. According to new legilation, it is assumed that the peremission to work in the province will be issued seven operators, each of which can get only one license.

Specific requirements are put forward to operators, which predetermines the licensing licensing. Mandatory requirements: availability of business experience in the industry, the quality of data security systems, financial capabilities and others. Licensors must submit a marketing plan and a business development strategy that must comply with the principles of responsible gambling. Indition, operators undertake to provide a system of self-compliance for users with gambling addiction.

Decree involves the permission of the activities of online casino, online slots, lottery and interactive bookmakers. Tax rate in the amount of 25% is charged with revenue.

Recall that argentina’s football organizations expressed interest in the legalization of the sports betting industry.

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