Bulgarian Football Team And Local Clubs Can Lose Opportunities To Perform In Tournaments Due To Racist Fans

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April 13, 2022
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At the qualifying stage of the european championship, the first serious scandal broke out. In the epicenter of events turned out toams, as well as fans of the latter. This time, the violations crossed all possible ethical frameworks, so the consequences will be relevant.

Bulgarian Football Team and Local Clubs Can Lose OpportUnities to Perform in Tournaments Due to Racist Fans

Bulgarian national team matches will fall under serious sanctions: uefa has no choice

It all started during the group and as part of the qualifications for the european championship. Bulgarians took england, which eventually defeated the owners with a score of 0: 6. However, this victory was preceded by a number of unpleasant moments, because of which the match was stopped twice. We are talking about racism on the part of local fans, which in bright form massively expressed their position to the players from england.

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Not so long ago, the instruction was developed, to which players of the national team were resort after the brutal attitude of the bulgarian fans. It happened in this order: some players from england noticed the manifestation of racism in their address, as the chief the captain, who, in turn, transferred the information to the chief judge of the match. By this plan, the game stopped twice, but the fans were merciless. Even the requests of captain xvelevina popova did not help, who dedicated to fans a break between the twisters.

Bulgaria captain ivelin popov had a heated during the break of tonight’s #buletg qualifier after the match had been stopped twice for racist chants in the first half pic.Twitter.Com / 8u0a1cgcoa

— mshumanov (@shumansko)
october 14, 2019

After the incident, the english football leadership appealed to uefa, after which the association began an investigation. The following was followed by the resignation of the president of the local football union, searches in headquarters, detention by the police suspected. Everything goes to the fact that bulgarian fans will be banned to visit football stadiums in any country of the world.

Bulgarian Fans Will Be Banned to Visit Football Stadiums

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Bulgarian football player of hristo stoichkov, who previously performed for «barcelona», suggested removing local clubs from european cups for five years. Former player noted the importance of punishment of fans, since only serious measures cal calm them.

It sems that due to the cruelety and nonsense of fans, the national team and bulgarian football clubs will suffer primarily. All teams can forget about tournaments under the auspices of fifa and uefa and fans – about stadiums in principle.

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