Buryatia Is Stroggling With Illlegal Gambling Business

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January 28, 2022
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Representatives of the ministry of internal affairs of buryatia stated that the fight against illegal gambling business is actively underway, but new points of illegal gembling establishments are opened again and again.

Buryatia IS Stroggling With Illlegal Gambling Business

In 2018, nine underground casinos were stopped in the republic. In the search conducted by law enforcement agencies were seized, 91 slot machines, six tables for poker, as well as cash and documentation. Illegal gambling equipment was destroyed, and in relation to 13 persons involved in the organization of illegal gambling, criminal cases were initiated.

However, according to the head of the office of the organization of public order and interaction with the executive authorities of buryatia and the local governments of vibleton sodernov, despite numerous raids, new gambling facilities are constantly opening on the territory of buryatia. He also noted that is not easy to close such points. According to him, the corresponding evidence base is needed. Speaking at a meeting of the agrarian committee of the people’s huhura, a representativive of law enforcement agencies summed up that the illegal ignorable gambling business in the territory of the republic is almost impossible.

Recall: in buryatia is planted to create a gambling zone. To date, local authorities discuss the prospects for the implementation of this project.

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