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August 9, 2022
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Resonant proposal of a deputy from the ruling party of the centerrist liberals «action and solidarity» dmitry alaiba about banning gambling ads meets the resistance of representatives of the media. More about interesting features of advertising in different countries, read in the appropriate section.


According to eadaily, experts believe that such a decision will create a hole in the state treasury and in the budgets of the mediasphere. Theraefore, before taking it, it is necessary to exchange views of the appropriate direction.

Thus, the phondar director tv8 vasily herman notes that the integrity of the functioning of the media depends primarily on the financial and not a political agenda. Gambling business is one of the best sources of money. Theraefore, consultations on the wording of laws are preferable to direct prohibitive solutions.

Representatives of the jurnal tv tv channel alexander bukrak. And the commercial director of casa media octavian hangen generally expressed surprise that such a bill appeared. According to him, thelaba depeuty acts inconsistently: first suggested to put gembling taxes, now requires to prohibit advertising.

As a positive example, advertising is placed on 15 country channels from ngm company, which is a partner of the national lottery in the direction of sports rates and lotteries. The budget for the promotion from the operator was more €180 thousand.

Meanwhile, after the reform of the legislation of gambling business, domestic bookmakers gradually go from the market due to tightening regulation.

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