By 2022, The Eu Income From Gambling Will Reach Almost € 30 Billion

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April 25, 2022
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In 2018, the income of eu operators from online gambling amounted to €22.2 billion ($ 24.6 billion), and 2022 it is expected that the market will grow almost to €29.3 billion.

By 2022, The EU Income From Gambling Will Reach Almost € 30 Billion

Last year, the share of games through the internet had about 23.2% of the total income from gambling in 28 states include included in the world market gambling institution. According to the data published by the european association of gambling and rates, terrestrial gambling brought the eu €73.5 billion.

Also, according to egba, it is expected that the total eu income from online games will reach €24.5 billion in the current year, €25.7 billion – next year, €27.4 billion – in 2021 i €29.3 billion – in 2022.

Sports betting turned out to be the most popular direction of gambling with a market share of 42.5% and ahead of casino and slot machines by 32.4%. Next comes lottery – 12.6%, poker – 5%, bingo – 4.3% and other games with an indicator of 3.2%. Last year, about 16.5 million players have made in total 31.6 billion rates. Also during the whole year, about 320 million online payments were processed, including in the form of deposites and the withdrawal of funds from player accounts.

It is known that in 2018, desktop computers were most often used for online games. So, 57% of online rates were carried out through desktop computers. At the same time, 43% of rates were made through mobile devices. Egba also expects that by 2021, mobile devices will replace computers as the main platform.

The united kingdom turned out to be the largest platform for online games of europe with a market share of 34.2%. The second place in this vein was taken by germany, the market share was 11%, then france – 8.8%, italy – 8.1% and sweden – five.2%.

The United Kingdom Turned Out to Be The Largest Platform for Online Games in Europe

Also, according to the indicators given by egba, it is known that in 2018 €86 million was sent by gambling operators as sponsored contributions to european sports federations, clubs, leagues and t. P. More €132 million the right to broadcast sports events on their sites.

During the year in the eu gambling sector, about 32 thousand. Man who are employes 27 different companies. All 24 eu official languages ​​were presented within the framework of the gambling sector. In 20 countries of the european union, 121 licenses for gambling online was issued. In 2018, 52 license checks were conducted and 23 checks for money laundering.

This report was published after egba eventually called on the european commission sevel times to adopt a standardized regulatory framework for online gambling in the entire continent.

Recall, in ireland are expected to change in the law on bingo.

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