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March 9, 2022
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The international union of the skaters published the calendar and the exact composition of the participants to all the stages of their grand prix. The expensive russian fans of medvedev and zagitov will not meet until the final, and the former «juniors» tutberidze will try to make a revolution.

Calendar Grand Prix for figure skating for 2019

You can relate differently to the grand prix. Some of those who have long followed figure skating, nourishes true hostility to this competition because of its commercial attack. They say, since the skaters are struggling not so much for the country as for the prize fund, it means that it is bad.

But in fact the grand prix – this is part of what is customary to call professional sports. The same happens in boxing, for example. There is amateur, they pass the championships of countries, continents, and it is included in the list of disciplines at the olympic games. And there is a professional, broadcast-oriented, large fees and other. This allows figure skaters to fully enter the season, coming up with the best and at the same time earn.

At least in the heads of the fans of the grand prix of the heads of significantly higher than ice shows, although their it possible to see their idols more often in other roles. On the participation of the grant, tuktamysheva and medvedeva in fantasy on ice, we we wrote in a separate material.

This year, the tournament will again be held in six countries, that’s just finland in 2019 will replace china. Besides him, already familiar competition will be held in russia, canada, usa, japan and france. Now women’s single skating continues to worry a big lift (unlike the male, which will seek results from russia), and theraforere will be as much eight athletes from russia who will take part in two stages:

  • Alina zagitova;
  • Elizabeth tuktamysheva;
  • Evgeny medvedev;
  • Stanislav konstantinova;
  • Sofya samodurova;
  • Alyona korsna;
  • Anna shcherbakova;
  • Alexandra trowanova.

For the last three athletes who have already won all possible awards in juniors, it will be be a debut in an adult grand prix.

About how coward has led to the delight of italian fans, you can read in a special review.

Two more figure skater roll back only at one stage:

  • Maria sotskova;
  • Serafima sakhanovich.

Even in this list, elizabeth tourssynbayev could be added to this list, since she lives most of the time in moscow and train at etray tutberidze, but talented figure skater stands for kazakhstan.

And now the international union of konkezhtsev has published the grand prix calendar and the list of participants on the site. According to the world championship can not meet the final, so zagitova, tursynbayev and medvedev were chosen would they would participate.

As a result, the calendar looks like this:


This year, the audience at the moscow stage will not be able to see last year’s winner, alina zagitov. Evgeny medvedev, stanislav konstantinova and master kvad participate from russians in the home grand prix – alexandra trowanova.

Previously, we we wrote that alina zagitova returned to russia after a long tour of japan.

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